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Why Healthcare

In a nation of 1.4 billion, ensuring healthcare access remains a challenge. With 72% residing in rural areas, merely 25% have healthcare access. Urban slum dwellers, predominantly migrants, grapple with livelihood struggles, prioritizing health at the pyramid's base.

What We Do

Bunuda Foundation spearheads a comprehensive, community-centric health program, extending primary healthcare services to underserved communities in rural and urban India. Through a dual-pronged strategy, we deliver curative and preventive care, bridging gaps in healthcare's availability, accessibility, and affordability.

Our Innovations

  • Mobile Healthcare: Reaching the unreachable with fully-equipped Mobile Healthcare Units, manned by doctors and paramedics, offering OPD services, point-of-care tests, and medications.
  • Telemedicine: Linking remote rural areas with nearby urban health centers through e-Health Kiosks and Telemedicine Centers, facilitated by paramedics.
  • Static Clinics: Establishing accessible healthcare hubs in remote rural regions, offering OPD, medicines, point of care tests, counseling, and focusing on Physiotherapy Services.
  • Health Camps: Catering to specific target groups through standalone health camps with specialized doctors, point-of-care tests, and at times, surgical facilities.
  • Govt. Convergence: Amplifying reach and capacity of Government Health Centers by integrating telemedicine, frontline worker training, and PHC enhancements.

Our Focus

Bunuda Foundation is dedicated to ensuring equitable healthcare access, elevating the well-being of underserved communities across India.


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